Video CV

A video profile increases your chances of being shortlisted. Why record a video CV?

  • To see you, increases the chances of someone wanting to meet you !
  • Recruiters spend 6 seconds on average per CV. Stand out!
  • Not everything can be shown on paper.
  • Do you speak another language? Show it!

Your video doesn’t have to be right first time and you can redo it as many times as you want. Follow these tips for a quality video presentation:

  • Put yourself in front of a wall or white/neutral background.
  • Check the angle and the framing of your camera.
  • Pay attention to the light and sound (avoid noisy places).
  • Ar-ti-cu-late!
  • Be clear and concise, the perfect timing is between 1 min and 1 min 30 secs.
  • Rewatch your video presentation and finetune it.


You can use your smartphone, video camera or any other equipment you prefer. No restrictions here.

Benefits for you

You will improve your presentation skills, hear yourself speaking English (pronunciation, accent etc.), you will become more self-aware, you will understand your strengths and understand what the recruiter will see etc.

Suggested parts:

1. Introduction/Presentation

Example: Hello, my name is John, I live in Annecy and I am currently seeking a position as a 3D Animator.

2. Experience/Duties or where do you see yourself in the future

Example: For the last 3 years I studied in Aries Annecy.  Every summer I worked in hospitality. Thanks to this experience I learnt how to deal with clients, manage my time and work under the pressure. I also volunteer at the Animation Festival in Annecy in 2016.

3. Skills/Achievements

Example: I won a design competition in 2016. I am a confident user of Brush, Nuke. In addition I have strong people skills – I was a class representative for last 3 years in Aries.

4. Education/Languages I have Degree in 3D Design and I speak French, English and I have communicative Spanish. I am also able to adapt easily to other cultures and ways of working.

You can add other elements. Please keep it professional. Enjoy!

Your video must be in English.

Submission details

Please upload it on youtube/vimeo and send the link via email to You can restrict privacy settings so the video can’t be seen by others without the link.


Year 3: 24.04.2017

Year 2: 11.04.2017

You will be assessed on content, grammar, vocabulary and overall presentation.