About Dedudu

Hello Everybody!

Thanks for visiting!  You will find here:

  • my personal stories & photos
  • travel & food recommendations
  • complete itineraries for a day, weekend and longer trips
  • anything worth sharing!

In a few sentences I can summarize myself as someone who loves discovering new places, trying new things and tasting new food. I was born in communist Poland and grew up in democratic Poland. My first trip I remember was with my parents and my brother to Greece in 1988 in a Fiat 126p. Year later we went to Georgia and after that we visited couple of soviet republics. Between 2000-2006 I’ve spent every summer abroad in UK, Ireland or France working. I moved for ‘a year or two’ to Ireland after my graduation in 2006 and in late October 2015 I moved to Annecy, in France. I currently work on my French and I opened my own company. I teach Business English.

I’m very fortunate to have awesome friends and a bf who share with me passion for travelling and don’t say no to my itineraries I put together for them (but mainly for myself!). I am not a tourist, I am more of a traveler. I don’t need 5* hotels, hostels will do. Money I save this way, I spend on more travels. I love meeting local people and listening to local tales and stories.  I truly believe that

 Travel is the only

Hope you will find some ideas for yourself in here and you will keep coming back for more! Please feel free to contact me if you need some more information (dedudutravels@gmail.com).

Update 19.01.2016

I constantly keep finding more subjects worth writing about than only travel so I will expand my initial blog concept. Actually I already did. Enjoy!

Ewa Duraj

IP: I am the author and owner of all text, images and any other content hosted on http://www.dedudu.org

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