Surfing? Yes, you can!

Has it happened to you that while in the seaside you would look at the surfers with a pinch of jealousy? Did you feel that you are not fit enough to do something like this? Or did you look at them and thought that surfing must be very expensive sport and difficult to master?

Personally, I was in a category of people who have never considered surfing as an option. In my head, surfing was a sport for Americans with 6 packs who lived in California or somewhere in Hawaii. And I wasn’t cool enough!

Born in a mainland Poland, I didn’t develop natural taste for water sports neither for sea food! This all changed when I came to Ireland. The sea food came first. I fell in love with fish and chips, especially with Beshoffs in Howth, Co. Dublin. Then was surfing…

In 2012 the company, I have been working for at the time, sent me for 2 months to Calgary, Canada. This trip made me think. I realised that one day I might leave Ireland and I still didn’t explore the whole island. I prepared a long list of places to visit and, most importantly, with THINGS TO DO. The second one included golf, horse riding, jump with parachute and SURFING!

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The first surfing weekend was organised through emails and facebook when still in Canada. I found 3 friends willing to go with me to Lahinch, Co. Clare, Ireland, (3.5 h drive from Dublin). Only one committed to surfing, but that was enough, and we had a guarantee of being photographed by the other two! Oh yes, that mattered!

We picked Lahinch Surf School. Our instructor was simply the best. Meet Eddie – a perfect combination of Irish sense of humor and years of surfing experience. We often used this school over last 3 years and the last time Eddie saw us (me and Kate) he said: ‘Oh no, double trouble again!’ I wonder why:). Picture below was taken in May 2015.

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I was the UNFIT type of surfer (aspiring one). After the first lesson I discovered new set of muscles in my entire body. Driving and changing gears was a painful experience for at least 3 days after my return from the West. That time we had one lesson in the morning, time for lunch and a short siesta and another lesson in the afternoon. We optimistically booked the 3rd lesson for the following day. Every muscle in my body hurt, but I fell in love. I was pretty bad at surfing at the start, managed only to knee on the board but I knew I will be back soon. I was hooked. Addicted. Over the years I even started Pilates to strengthen my core muscles, which in result let me catch more waves. Since then I surfed in other places such as Bundoran and Strandhill. I can now choose the right waves, stand up and turn. Absolutely love it!

All you need to know:

  • It’s not that expensive, one lesson starts from as little as €30 per lesson pp (check Weekend Packages)
  • You will get all equipment and gear included in price.
  • You will be guided and looked after by professionals.
  • It’s not cold. Wet suits are picked for the season.
  • Surfing is highly addictive.
  • You might not be a pro after the first surfing weekend!
  • Lesson times vary, depends on the tide.
  • The best months to start: May-October.
  • It’s great fun!

Big thank you to Krysia Kichman and her other half who inspired this post and actually entire DEDUDU blog. We met at our friend’s wedding drinks in June 2015 and, as it happens, I couldn’t stop talking about surfing. Apparently they are now hooked on it! I saved two more souls for the Surfing Heaven! And thank you to all who went surfing with me! Unforgettable moments.

Let me know, if you surf and how you started. I’d love to hear from you.

Photos: Kate Smolen, Ewa Kostrzewka, revistafluir (instagram), DEDUDU.

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